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STAFF: Application (Step 1) for a BOARDING Role at MITS

Thank you for your interest in a Boarding role with in Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS).  This is the first step in your application and will ensure that we have the right information about you.

We ask that you provide a recent copy of:

  • your resume and
  • a brief summary of your experience. 

You will also be asked to provide:

  • your working with Children Card information
  • your drivers licence
  • Your Covid Vaccination certificate inluding booster (mandatory)
  • Photo for your MITS ID

Please have a copy of these ready to upload.

This form is linked directly to our recuitment database, enabling us to capture your information accuratly, keep in touch with you and keep you informed of the progress of the role.  If you have any problems with this technology, please contact me at so I can assist you.

Residency Status: Eligibility and the Right to Work in Australia

Employment at MITS is based on your ability to demonstrate that you have a legal right to work in Australia. If appointed you may be required to provide evidence of this entitlement.
what is your current status in regard to your eligibility and the right to Work in Australia

If you are not a Citizen or Permanent Resident, please provide details of your Visa enabling you to work in Australia

Please provide the Visa subclass recorded in your passport

Provide details of any limitations on your work rights including the dates covered by the Visa

Unfortunately you may not be legally entitled to work at MITS. If you would like to provide further information please do so here

Contact Information

MITS is committed to valuing and validating the gender identity and expression of all. One way that MITS seeks to be gender-inclusive is by enabling all members of our community to indicate the pronouns they use for themselves, if desired and by encouraging others to respect these pronouns.

IMPORTANT! Please provide an email address that you will be able to access.

If you are employed with MITS you will require a photo ID. Staff photos are taken annually so please provide a head shot that you would be happy to use in the interim.

Your Requirements

Please provide a brief summary to help us to understand your background and experience. You can give details here or attach a covering letter. This may include: 1) a brief description of your background 2) your experience and skills relevant to any role that you are applying for 3) reason that you are interested in working at MITS.

You may choose to attach a brief covering letter, summarising your experience and career requirements
Tell us which Boarding positions may interest you at MITS
Tell us if their are positions in the Classroom or Alumni Program that may interest you at MITS
Tell us if there are positions in the Classroom, Wellbeing or Alumni Program that may interest you at MITS
The Sex Discrimination Act says that, in some circumstances, it is not unlawful to discriminate against a person on the basis of their sex in employment. There may be circumstances where it is appropriate to hire only a man or a woman for a particular position at MITS because the person’s sex is a genuine occupational qualification. MITS complies with the highest level of child safety which requires that a person’s sex is considered when appointing Boarding Staff to provide overnight supervision. We have separate Boarding Houses for male and female students. We have roles in both so this question is only for the purpose of allocation to appropriate House. All advertising specifies when there is a requirement.
Please indicate the basis of your available for employment at MITS

If you are seeking part time or casual, please give an approximate idea of how many hours or shifts you would like per week.

Boarding Shifts

Boarding House Shifts are rostered for Boarding Staff over the course of the school year so you can plan in advance. Your shift roster is confirmed when you join MITS but may be varied at any time with mutual consent and to meet the needs of MITS students. They are reviewed at the end of each school term. Shift include Night, Afternoon, Morning and weekend Day shifts. A full time role is approximately 9 shifts per fortnight and will be a mix of the above. Part time staff are prorated on this basis. All Boarding Coordinators are required to work a mix of shifts which will usually include both Saturday and Sunday.
Our Boarding Program focuses on care for students when they are not at school so includes extensive weekend, afternoon and overnight shifts. Public holidays during the school term are also part of the standard shift roster. Please indicate which shifts you are able to complete. PLEASE NOTE: hours are approximate only as they may vary slightly between boarding houses
To appoint staff to a suitable roster, we need to understand what restrictions may affect your ability to accept shifts. Are there days / times that you are not available

Please indicate the days, time you could not work at MITS. You may want to indicate factors which may vary eg University timetable, sporting fixtures,

Background and Qualifications

Please attach a current CV

Experience and Background

Employment, Living experience in remote Northern Territory or similar

Please provide insight into the remote Indigenous communities where you have lived and/or worked
Please provide details of your experience with supervision young people in a Boarding environment (or similar).

Please provide insight into the experience you have, if any, working with young people to provide overnight care
Do you identify as:

Do you identify with any specific Australian Indigenous Traditional Owner Group

Working With Children Check or VIT membership

To work at MITS you must have a current Working with Children Card or be a current Member of the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT). You will be asked to provide full details if your application proceeds to interview

please record the number on your working with children card

Is your working with children card for volunteering or paid employment

Please include an image of your current WWC card

A current WWC Car or VIT Card is mandatory for employment at MITS. If you do not have a current WWC you can apply for one online via the following link.

Please provide details if required

Driving Licence

A driver's license is required for most Boarding roles at MITS so please let us know what is your license statue
Do you hold a current drivers licence valid under Australian law?
So we can plan your work shift and provide the right support if you are required to work at MITS, please indicate your level of experience and confidence

Any other details about your licence


Are there any adjustments that you would require to enable you to apply for and/or fulfil this role?

Covid Vaccination and Safety

At the time of this application please select the option that best describes your current Covid vaccination status. Please note, vaccination is mandatory for all MITS staff

Please upload a copy of your Covid current vaccination certificate3

Boarding Management Experience

For Boarding Manager or Senior coordinator roles, please provide details of your experience. Your response may be brief where sufficient information is already described in your attached CV.

In this role you have responsivity for rostering and ensuring full staff cover. This includes supervising that shift breaks are coordinates, task lists are completed and missing staff are replaced. NOTE: At times the Manager or Senior Coordinator may be required to work additional hours if a replacement cannot be located.

Describe your experience training and coaching staff to ensure new staff effectively learn the role and all staff benefit from ongoing development. This includes your approach to ensuring staff have a good knowledge of policy, procedures and boarding task expectations.

Describe your approach to mediating with staff to intervene when there are performance problems or shortfalls,

Describe your experience of consistently encouraging a positive workplace free of bias, discrimination and harassment; one which encourages teamwork and discourages cliques, bullying or gossip.

Coordinating student travel each term is a complex task which including multiple students, catering for diverse dates and requirements and liaising with ABSTUDY. What experience do you have which may be useful?

MITS provides students with a Weekend Program which requires planning, an understanding of risk management and a child safety. This including communication, supervision and assistance to volunteers who play a critical part in the program. Describe any experience that will assist you to carry out this responsibility.

The Senior Coordinator and Manager coordinate student medical appointments, respond to critical health incidents, and monitor administration of medications within the Boarding House. Describe your experience in carrying out a similar task (if any)

The Senior Coordinator and Manager work together to respond to needs for behavioural management and ensure a consistent approach in keeping with the MITS Behaviour Management procedure. Describe your experience.
Please let us know how you heard about MITS employment opportunities.
I acknowledge that the information provided is true and correct. It is provided to MITS in regard to my interest in working in a paid staff position.

Agreement: information provided is true and correct