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Farm to Chef- Junior

Monthly Farm to Chef activity with harvest of ingredients at farm and supplies to prepare recipes at home. Video link demonstrating recipe prep will be provided along with farm fresh recipe supplies. $150 for 5 months. Each registration comes with a starter cooking package including a Farm Harvest Box, cutting board, kid friendly knife, olive oil, and an apron. Suggested age 7+. Experience on Thursday between 3-5pm or Saturday 10-1pm. See website for more details.

  • June 26th: Positively Peas - As we pass Summer Solstice and the longest days of the year, come get acquainted with the Urban Farm by taking a trip to pick your own sugar snap peas. Included with this week’s share are all the supplies needed to make a colorful salad to be shared with your family. Learn how to make your own healthy dressing using fresh mint, oil and vinegar.
  • July 22nd or 24th: Perfect Pickles - This week it’s time to celebrate the bountiful harvest of cucumbers and learn how to preserve their fresh flavor by pickling. Come gather cucumbers, dill and garlic from the Urban Farm, and make your own pickles at home.
  • August 19th or 21st: Bountiful Beans or Kale Chips - August is a great time to visit the farm as we reach the peak of those hot summer days. Fresh green beans picked from the vine are delicious raw or sauteed with our fresh garlic. Learn how to make crispy kale chips for a healthy snack loaded with nutrients. Also get a chance to pick some beautiful flowers during your visit.
  • September 23rd or 25th: Sensational Salsa - Even though fall has just arrived, the Urban Farm is bursting with late season fresh vegetables right now. Go around the farm and harvest tomatoes, peppers, onions, and the cilantro needed to make a delicious fresh salsa at home. Kit will include colored tortilla chips for an unexpected flavor and nutritional boost. 
  • October 21st or 23rd: Squash Soup & Sweet Treats - As the cooler temperatures greet us during the fall, it’s time to warm our souls with some delicious soup made from various types of squash and other fall crops. Also gather ground cherries to make your own tartlet. While you are visiting the farm, take some time to gather and save seeds from flowers that provided us with so much beauty this growing season. Bring those seeds home to encourage pollinators to visit your own home next year as the cycle of life continues.

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