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Envision Cascadia Workgroup Creation

Thank you everyone who joined us for our first ever Envision Cascadia conference! We had more than 150 people register for 8 different sessions that took place over 2 weeks in which people gathered to explore how we can best build the Cascadia movement. 

Group will be using the guiding question of “If 10,000 people joined the Cascadia movement, what tools, infrastructure, resources, groups do we need for a vibrant, decentralized and positive movement?

Please feel free to join as many, or as few workgroups as you would like. 

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Cascadia Artists and Cultural Creators
The Cascadia Artists and Cultural Creators work group currently has two workgroups, poetry and socially engaged art. We are also working to compile a list of resources we want to share of art that has changed perceptions or would be good to link to.
Spreading Bioregionalism
Writing Articles, Bioregionalism Study Group, Creating and Sharing existing resources.
Diversity Caucus
LGTBQ, POC, Black, Indigenous, Non-Binary, Speakers of other languages, all welcome. Future meetings will break into specific caucuses.
Community Outreach
Community outreach is geared towards creating resources that make sure the Cascadia movement is relevant for a wide diversity of organizers, causes and movements.
Making Cascadia relevant for:
Starting a Local Chapter
Interested in starting a Cascadia group in your area?
Indigenous Sovereignty
Reaching out with Indigenous Organizers, Cascadia as a decolonial project, creating a list of First Nations, news articles, resources.
Independence / Secession
Central Admin Workgroup
Helping as connections between workgroups. Sending emails, updating websites etc.
Policy / Government Building
Bioregional Mapping
Social Media Teams