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Summer Outdoor Activities and Events for Kids

To help increase access to resources for all New Mexico kids, EENM is asking you to share any outdoor activities or an event you are hosting for kids this summer! If you want to share both, please fill out two different forms-one for each.  To add your activity or event, just answer a few short questions and add your activity or event in the form below!

Are you part of an organization, school or business? We would like to use this opportunity to connect people to the work you do! Please provide us with your logo and website information so we can enter it into the toolkit!

Upon submission, we will review all information provided and email you if we have any questions or concerns. Otherwise, we will be adding all the information you provided to our Outdoor Learning Toolkit located at: All activities will go under the category "Summer Activities 2023" and all events will go under the category "Summer Events 2023". (please make sure your event is taking place in late June, July or August)

Please add your information soon as the last day to enter in your information to be posted in the toolkit is JUNE 11th!

Donate or Become a Member with EENM Today! All new and existing members will get a highlighted activity in the blog on the front cover of the toolkit, mentioned in the July and August newsletters, AND highlighted on our social media accounts. 

Thank you for helping spread outdoor and environmental learning resouces for NM kids!

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To help advertise your organization in the toolkit, if you have a logo, please upload it here

Please describe in a few short sentences what your outdoor activity or event is and why kids/families will enjoy it! If you are listing an event, please include the date, time, and location into the description.

If there are any photos you want to provide to add to your activity or event in the outdoor learning toolkit, please them below.

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All new and existing members of EENM will get a featured activity in the blog of the front cover on the Outdoor Learning Toolkit! They will also get their organization (or name if submitting as an individual) listed in the July and August newsletters as well as social media posts featuring their information and activity! Thank you for helping us grow outdoor and environmental learning initiatives across the state!

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