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Becoming an HRS Educator requires a current yearly membership. If you are already a national member, this will extend your membership an additional year from your current expiration date. If you have any questions about your membership, email

Your contribution saves lives! Member benefits include discounts to some of our favorite online shops and a subscription to House Rabbit Journal, our full-color magazine! 

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HRS Educator Annual Pledge I pledge that as an HRS Educator, I will uphold House Rabbit Society’s philosophy ( and follow its policies ( I will do so for as long as I am a House Rabbit Society Educator. I pledge to participate (even if just by reading) in HRS email lists. I pledge to respect the privacy of HRS lists and other volunteers by not forwarding, without permission, list messages to others. I understand that my license restricts my activities to my own area, and I pledge not to speak or write (or to give the impression that I am speaking or writing) either publicly or privately as a representative of national HRS, without the explicit and advance knowledge and consent of the HRS board. I pledge to always have courteous communication with HRS members, other HRS volunteers, the HRS board, and the general public. For Educators with national House Rabbit Society (not through a chapter), I additionally pledge: I pledge to send in annual activity reports to the licensing committee in order to stay licensed. As a nationally licensed Educator, I pledge to provide volunteer help to national HRS.
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