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WYSO Summer Academy

Announcing New Summer Courses!

The Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra's Academy of Music is excited to announce a series of new Summer courses to help students (both young and old) grow in their music.  Lead by symphony instructors Morrie Brand, Ramona Coppage, and a few friends, these one (1) hour courses will help to expand student's abilities and understanding of music. 

Courses will be delivered virtually, via Zoom.  Those registering for a particular course will have until 10AM the day of course to do so.  Links to the classes will be e-mailed out around 10AM the day of the course.  Best of all, these courses will be offered FREE of charge to all current WYSO students/families.  Non-WYSO students/families are also welcome to join for a nominal fee of $10.00 per class. 

Course Offerings:

June 23, 2020: WYSO Classical Chatters: Baroque Period (3:30PM)

The early years of the orchestra, the rise of instrumental music, characteristics of the music, music of Corelli, Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, & Telemann.

June 25, 2020: How to Improve my Rhythm as an Instrumentalist (1:30PM)

Rhythm is commonly one of the core areas that colleges look at when making admissions decisions.

June 30, 2020: WYSO Classical Chatters: Classical Period (12PM Noon)

The importance of form to composers of this era, sonata-allegro form, and the 4-movement symphony.  Featuring the classical orchestra plus the music of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert.


July 7, 2020: Improving my Sight reading (12PM Noon)

Ever feel lost when looking at a new piece of music? This class will provide useful tools to guide you.

July 9, 2020: WYSO Classical Chatters: Romantic Period (3:30PM)

Form takes a second seat to the program (story), the much larger orchestra, the rise of postive nationalism, pluse the music of Tchaikovsky, Berlioz, Brahms, Dvorak, and Mahler.

July 14, 2020: Improving Bow Technique for String Players (12PM Noon)

An important deep-dive into the do's and don'ts of bow technique.

July 16, 2020: WYSO Classical Chatters: 20th Century (12PM Noon)

The Century of "-isms:" Impressionism, Neo-classicism, Nationalism from newer countries, Minialism, Electicism; music of Strauss, Ravel, stravinsky, Elgar, Charles Ives, Aaron Copland, George Gershwin, and John Adams.

July 21, 2020: How to be a Professional Musician & What their Life is Like (12PM Noon)

Learn from current professional musicians about their interesting lives!

July 23, 2020: The Orchestra Conductor (3:30PM)

A brief history of conducting, how a conductor selects music for a concert, studies the score, prepares for rehearsals, difference between a music director and a conductor, plus more.


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