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June 2021 Power Up Registration

Thank you for registering for the Power Up! Queer and Trans Workers' Rights Workshop by LGBTQ Allyship. We appreciate your time and want to be sure we are providing all the resources and advocacy for you. This form helps us secure our grant funding for this work. Again, thank you. 
If you are Unemployed, a Gig Worker, or work in the Retail or Service industry please take the time to fill out the extra questions. We are collecting information to better support the unemployed, gig, retail, and service workers. Thank you for being part of the moment. 

Contact Information

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LGBTQ Questions

LGBTQ Allyship would like to ask a few questions to help support our community, this allows us to see where support is needed. Thank you for taking a few minutes to answer some demographic questions.
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Even if you are not working at this time what industry do you work in.

Please Respond to the Questions below if you are UNEMPLOYED/GIG WORKER/RETAIL OR SERVICE. If they do not pertain to you please skip.

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If so, how much?

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Thank you for registering and taking the time to help by answering the questions!