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The 2023 - 2024 Fund for Villa Maria Academy Lower School

We are grateful that you are inspired to empower our mission and students at Villa Maria Academy with grateful giving!

As we embark on the 151st year since the inception of Villa Maria Academy and its' mission, your prayers and financial gifts continue a legacy and directly benefit our students!  

Thank you for the many, many ways you support Villa Maria Academy Lower School!  We keep you in our prayers and hearts with appreciation for your gerosity.


If you are not comfortable with giving a one-time gift of a large amount, you can opt when you make your first donation to have it spread out over time as a recurring gift. You designate the timeframe when you click on Donation Schedule after you make your first gift and over time, it will become a substantial amount that you can cancel at any time.

Many employers offer matching gifts or grants toward your personal or payroll deduction donations. E-platforms have made facilitating these gifts even easier to set up. Ask your HR department or your company foundation. Often you can double your gift and receive credit for both amounts (your personal and their matching).  

Thank you for your support of the Fund for Villa Maria Academy Lower School!

Questions? Please reach out to Melissa Kiebort, 610-644-4864, ext. 106 or email



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Many employers have a matching gift or grant program that will match your donation or recurring payroll deduction by the same amount or percentage of it! Check with your human resources, company foundation, or employee web site to learn if this is an option. E-platforms used by many companies make it even easier for you to submit or set up. You will be acknowledged for both, your personal gift and the matching gift donated by your company.  We appreciate all our benefactors who take the time to facilitate this option!