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Neighbors and friends,

Like it or not, there’s a fight ahead — a fight for our groundwater — the fight of our lives.

Please join with leaders of TESPA as we prepare the battleground and call for public support and action. Tonight we have shared our Trinity Aquifer Protection Plan – through legal means, community action, media engagement, and advocating for a sustainable, safe management of the aquifer.

We invite your input and commitment. Below are a number of things you can do as a citizen and as member of this community whose groundwater is under siege.

Please check the boxes appropriate to your commitment of time, attention and passion. If you have other ideas for action, please let us know. Tell us how far you’re willing to go!

Don’t forget to add your name, email and phone, or best way to reach you. Anything you can do adds to the volume of a community voice to influence decisions by our elected leaders on groundwater policy.

Thank you!
TESPA Board of Directors

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