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Kingsbury Wellness & Learning Group Fund

$5,000 - Change a life. A donation at this level allows us to provide Consultation, Family Therapy, and a Comprehensive Evaluation to a family in need. This combination of service is a game changer. It can mean the difference between a child learning to read or not, or going to college or not. That's why we call it the "Change a life" gift.
$3,000 - Bring equity to education. A donation at this level pays for a Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation for a family in need. Our evaluations open doors for families in the school system. They are far more effective than school-based evaluations at identifying the child's true need for services, which is why wealthy families pay full price for them and why we call this our "Equity" gift.
$1000 - Build resilience. A donation at this level pays for a 10-session course of Family Therapy. Our clinical psychologists have experience working with kids right in the classroom. Our therapeutic work engages children, parents, teachers, and physicians to build foundational coping strategies, which is why we call this the "Resilience" gift.
$100 - Empower a family. A gift at this level pays for a consultation with a clinical psychologist for a family in need. Many families simply need guidance and resources. Consultation empowers parents with knowledge about how to support their children's mental health and education.
Take the planning out of giving and set up a recurring payment. It's a great way to spread out the cost and create an enduring gift! Just $83/month for a year covers a full course of family therapy.

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