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Kingsbury Wellness & Learning Group Fund

$3,000 - Change a life. A donation at this level allows us to provide a Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation to a family in need. This kind of evaluation can mean the difference between a child learning to read or not, or going to college or not. That's why we call it the "Change a life" gift.
$1,000 - Bring equity to education. A donation at this level pays for our consultation package, which involves a thorough review of educational records and several consulations to help students get back on track at school. 
$115 - Build resilience. Each donation of $115 covers the cost of one therapy session. Therapy helps individuals and families build resilience and develop the coping skills they need to be successful.
Take the planning out of giving and set up a recurring payment. It's a great way to spread out the cost and create an enduring gift! $115 a month for a year will cover the cost of short-term therapy for a client in need.
Whatever you choose to give, know that we are so grateful for your support. Thank you!

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