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Volunteer With Us!

Hand2Paw is always looking for amazing volunteers to support us in caring for our animals, preparing our youth for employment and postsecondary success, and hosting events or supply drives to benefit our organization. We want to hear from you if you would like to help!

Examples of skills/opportunities that would help our youth: 

  • You own your own business and would like to share/give a tour of your business

  • You have a local or corporate business that can provide additional learning or career opportunities to youth

  • You are in a position to mentor or take on a mentee(s) and help them learn financial literacy skills, driving skills, health & nutrition, etc.

  • You have experience in HR, career training, or a specialization in mental health.

  • You experienced homelessness or foster care yourself and would like to share your personal journey with the youth

  • And many others! 

Please complete the contact form below: