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Native trees clean our air, provide cooling shade on balmy summer days, reduce road noise, and block wind. Their deep roots also uptake water and nutrients, reducing flooding and pollution. Incredibly, they also provide habitat and food for a wide range of critters, including our native pollinators such as butterflies, bees, and moths, as well as birds, squirrels, and humans!

Join Nanticoke Watershed Alliance at our "Native Trees for the Birds and the Bees and the Seas" workshop and learn about the many roles that native trees play in the wild (and could play in your yard). Would you like to plant native trees, but you aren't sure which ones to plant? Are you overwhelmed or underwhelmed by choice and just can't find the right trees for your space? This workshop will help you determine which native trees could work in your landscape and give you an opportunity to add trees to your landscape at no or low-cost (20% match required for most TreeScape projects).

If you live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, you'll take home a free native tree. Participants can also apply for Native Treescape packages that meet the applicants' needs (again, you must live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed). Treescapes can provide food, privacy, habitat, or a mixture of all three. (All are welcome to attend this workshop. However, Treescapes must be planted within Delaware's Chesapeake Bay watershed. Locations within the Nanticoke River watershed and its subwatersheds, including Broad Creek, Deep Creek, and Marshyhope Creek, will receive higher priority.)

Registration is required to ensure that we have enough materials and free trees for the program. Questions? Contact Beth Wasden at or at 443.944.1175.

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