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DCFC World Cup Appeal Header by Freedom House Detroit

What is Freedom House Detroit?

Freedom House Detroit is Michigan's only full service provider for people from across the globe who are fleeing persecution and torture and seeking humanitarian protection in the US. We provide community housing, legal aid, access to medical and mental health care, and job and housing resources for up to two years.

Detroit City FC, Detroit’s soccer team, is a long time partner and supporter of Freedom House. It's our privilege to partner with DCFC on the Fill The Cup Fundraiser.

Freedom House knows the contradictions that exist around this World Cup. While the World Cup brings diverse nations and peoples together for love of The Beautiful Game, its organizers and host country have violated that legacy. Freedom House is partnering with DCFC because our two organizations have long strived to uplift the City and bring diverse people together. The World Cup is an opportunity to continue our partnership and to highlight the plight of the many people from across the globe who are persecuted, tortured, and trafficked.--These are Freedom House Detroit's clients.

How the Contest Works...

Each time you donate, you select the squad you want to credit for your gift. Each dollar of the donation is like a goal for your squad.

The squad that has the highest score (raises the most funds) will be the reigning champion and set the theme for DCFC's World Cup Final watch party.

You can donate as much as you want as often as you want. Just to keep things interesting, you can even select a different squad every time you give.

The contest runs from November 17th through December 10th at 11:59pm.

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