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By signing below, I acknowledge, attest, and verify that, to the best of my knowledge, my physical and mental condition and fitness are adequate for me to safely participate in any and all portions of the Event for which I have volunteered; further, I acknowledge and agree that if any health professional, physician, or any other qualified individual has advised me against full participation in any and all portions of the activities or the work environment typical of the Event, I knowingly accept and assume the risk of such performance and participation. I acknowledge and understand that I am participating in the Event on a purely voluntary basis. I agree to exercise reasonable care in connection with any work or activity of the Event and agree to take appropriate safety precautions to protect myself and others, as well as any and all Austin Parks Foundation property, from damage or injury. I understand that submitting this application does not automatically enroll me as an Ambassador and that certain qualifications must be met, including the completion of training, before I am able to participate in the Ambassador Program.