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The below information and assumption of risk acknowledgment will be required at check-in. Save time by filling it out now. 

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The participant hereby acknowledges and assumes all risks associated with and releases WESTWIND STEWARDSHIP GROUP from all liability related to or arising out of their visit/stay at the Westwind site and facilities. The participant assumes the entire risk for any injury, liability, or other consequence of involving herself or himself or direct members of their family (including dependents listed) in their visit/stay at the Westwind site and facilities. The participant hereby waives and releases the WESTWIND STEWARDSHIP GROUP and its officers, agents, and staff from any and all liability arising out of their visit, known and unknown, including without limitation, medical expenses, legal fees, loss of services, etc., and shall indemnify and hold all of them harmless from and against any such item. Moreover, the participant also grants WESTWIND STEWARDSHIP GROUP a release for any and all photos and videos recorded while at Westwind, to be used by WESTWIND STEWARDSHIP GROUP for education, marketing, and operational use. IN WITNESS THEREOF the participant has executed this Assumption of Risk and General Release (and for minors listed), and Release for Photo/Video by Westwind Stewardship Group.
The suggested donation to help support this event is $10.