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Use this form to make secure donations to help VAVP make a difference in LGBTQ+ communities across Virginia.  

How can your monthly donation sustain VAVP?

 The Virginia Anti-­Violence Project uses the image of a tree to represent our core values and how they guide our work. 

Every donation creates a seed that VAVP can nurture to create values-aligned collaborations and networks of care within our community. Our values are inseparable and flow with one another to create solid roots from which to grow. Check out the tiers below to see what effect your donation will have on our work. 


  • Seeds (Creativity/Fun) - $1+/month
    • You are planting a seed that can creatively imagine a world where violence has ended and interpersonal relationships are healthy, beautiful, and supportive. 
    • Our thanks: a personalized postcard + access to our newsletter
  • Roots (Intersectionality/Racial Justice) - $5+/month
    • You are rooting VAVP’s work in our diverse LGBTQ+ communities committed to racial justice and honoring the wholeness of our individual and collective identities.
    • Our thanks: VAVP sticker (English or Spanish) + all the gifts above

  • Trunk (Trust/Accessibility) $10+/month

    • You are supporting the fierce leadership that already exists within our communities, working with VAVP to center voices most affected by oppression and violence.
    • Our thanks: a feature in our newsletter/social media for donor storytelling spotlight + all the gifts above

  • Heartwood (Integrity/Transparency) $25+/month

    • You are holding center our commitment to align our values with our work as an organization, leading with openness to create a community of accountability. 
    • Our thanks: Receive a VAVP T-shirt or tank top (English or Spanish) + all the gifts above

  • Leaves (LGBTQ+ Liberation) $35+/month

    • You are growing the cultural changes necessary for LGBTQ+ folks to freely be their authentic selves and have access to equitable resources.
    • Our thanks: Self Care Kit (digital resources compiled and sent to folks) + all the gifts above
  • Fruit (Language Justice) $50+/month

    • You are harvesting the healing power to be heard and spoken to as our full and authentic selves, across communities, culture, and language.
    • Our thanks: VAVP Zine Pack + all the gifts above
  • Forest (Family/Relationships/Community) $100+/month
    • You are connected to a forest of families, relationships, and communities committed to support healthy love.
    • Our thanks: listed as sponsor/supporter on website or VAVP community event programs + all the gifts above
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Every gift makes a difference -- there is no contribution too small or large. Thank you!

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