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2023 Supporter Survey

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Please Rank Issues

Please rank these issues of importance to You. Ranking them from 1 through 5, with a “1” being most important, “2” being 2nd most important, on through “5” as your lowest of your five top issues. (Assign each number only once)

Rise of atheism, weak theology, worldview of youth, rampant immoral beliefs, religious freedom
LGBTQ indoctrination, pornography, decline of marriage, abortion, human trafficking
Inflation, ever growing government, taxes, welfare, jobs etc.
Border issues, federal legislation, Ukraine, Israel, US defense, Judicial nominees
Voter guides, election reform, term limits, constitutional adherence, legislative action

How Do You Follow AFA of Indiana?

Choose which services you currently follow/use from AFA of Indiana & give us feedback on each service.
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Do you follow AFA of Indiana on any of the following Social Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Telegram
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Where are you most interested or involved?
What is your current level of involvement?
I find regular church attendance very helpful
I find reading books or devotions very helpful
I find reading my Bible regularly very helpful
I find religious programs on radio, TV or podcasts very helpful
I am concerned about the theological soundness of America's churches today
Indiana is headed in the right direction
Election integrity is a very important issue to me
If you are a Republican who would you vote for as the 2024 presidential nominee?
In 2022 did you contact an elected official on an issue that concerned you?
Do you currently have children (under 18) living in your home?
Are you a grandparent?
Are you over age 65?